Monday, March 7, 2011

Yahweh Clan Comments on LoganSperman2

Logan has over 13000 channel comments. He has been supporting victims of hate groups on YouTube since he was 14 years old. In spite of death threats and videos insulting and degrading him, many posted by hate groups such as the Yahweh Clan, he has not stopped. Logan has NEVER defended anyone bad, he just asks questions. Liars and haters do not like questions. No child or adult has ever done so much, for so many, for what is right. Why hurt someone for being good? This video is just a sample of what has been posted to his channel this month (March). Most are from the YouTube Yahweh Clan, a hate group he has been trying to expose for over a year. This group attacks both children and adults, as well as any one they can torment, insult, or ridicule for fun. They are a sick and sadistic group of social misfits who take pleasure in the suffering of others. Members of this group post articles to a website that makes fun of Jews, African-Americans, disabled people, children that are kidnapped and sexually abused, rape victims, and kids that have killed themselves. They enjoy the suffering of others. =====================================Some active Yahweh Clan members: SubsevenRising TheBeeOBee rapist187 xNoNameForThisKattx W347H3RM4N NOTLLMTE Idyllicsun metalflakes FUBUXGEAR longdongil TheRJCarter TheLordJehovah FSHKT Current Yahweh Clan Sympathizers and supporters: TheMaskedAnalyst KidToucher282 BraveLittleCockling lolwutdahell ClaudesBrownRing LordUilesnor CrueITube ...

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